Causes of Arm Fat and Tips to Get Toned Arms

If you’ve been agonizing over your fat arms and wondering how to lose all that fat that appears to jiggle underneath, you might want to understand how they got fat in the first place. By paying attention to the possible causes of arm fat, you have better chances of working your way towards slim, toned arms.

  1. Family genes: This is a powerful contributor to fat arms. But though family genetics may delay the toning process slightly more than usual, individuals with fat arm DNA can tone their arms over a period of time with exercise and weight training. This helps to discourage the development of fat deposits.
  2. Aging: This is another factor that is not under control. As age advances, muscles tend to lose their tone and the arms begin to appear flabby. Exercise and diet can bring this under control to some extent. But older individuals wishing to see noticeably toned arms might want to opt for cosmetic surgery instead.
  3. Excess body weight: An overweight body distributes fat all over and the underarms are no exception. If your calorie is above recommended levels, you are more likely to suffer from arm fat.
  4. Muscle loss: Muscles lose their tone owing to several causes such as age, injury or lack of sufficient exercise. Lack of muscle tone (also called muscle atrophy) is a major cause of arm fat.
  5. Low testosterone levels: Testosterone is a hormone that is present in both men as well as women. Women who have less testosterone in their bodies are more prone to have fat arms. Lower testosterone is caused due to inadequate protein intake as well as stress factors.

Tips to challenge arm fat

  1. Take care to consume recommended calorie intake amounts. Overall fitness levels helps lose arm fat more easily.
  2. Research suggests that arms are made of water and muscle. In fact, as much as seventy-five percent of arms are made of water. Drink more water to help reduce arm fat.
  3. Work those flabby arms with the help of exercises that are aimed at toning up your arm muscle.

Here are two helpful arm exercises that you can try:

    1. Use a pair of exercise dumb-bells (say about 3 pounds each). Hold one in each hand and hold your hands up to your shoulder level on both sides. Slowly lower your arms to your sides. Repeat.
    2. Rest your foot on a stool or chair. Bend forward with one dumb-bell in each hand. Now slowly swing your arms backward and down and work upto the repetitions that you are comfortable with.

Cosmetic surgery for fat arms is also referred to as Brachioplasty. This process involves the toning of fat arms by eliminating excess skin as well as fat from the underarms to the elbow.

Arm fat reduction will result in a pair of toned and slim arms. Moreover, you will experience a new found sense of self-confidence and enjoy the benefits of a fitter body.

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How to Challenge Arm Fat

Fat arms represent a challenging problem for many individuals. They can make you lose self-confidence and prevent you from enjoying sleeve-less outfits. The best method of reducing arm fat is by understanding why your arms look flabby in the first place.

Do my upper arms look fat because I need to lose weight or because I need to lose muscle or both?

The answer to this question is that flabby arms are caused by both muscle and fat. The muscle in your arms lies beneath layers of fat that eventually cause a flabby appearance. Muscles begin to lose their tone due to lack of exercise or aging or even due to an arm injury. When this happens, arms start to look fatter due to a growing deposit of fat on top of the muscle.

Another common cause of flabby arms is excess fat. This fat could accumulate due to excess body weight. The underarms are particularly prone to accumulating fat deposits. Once body fat begins to accumulate in the underarm area, the arms themselves begin to look fat. Another factor that contributes to fat in the arm area is family genes. If your mother and grandmother had fat arms, there is a strong likelihood that you might inherit the family genetics.

So in order to be able to challenge fat arms effectively, you need to lose both fat as well as tone up your muscles.

I am not overweight but am in the upper range of BMI for my height and have always had large, flabby upper arms. What can I realistically do about this?

A lot of people are not really overweight, but still have to deal with fat arms. The truth is that when you challenge your arms, other parts of your body will also tend to slim down. For women who have a slightly high BMI but are not overweight, the best way to challenge fat arms is by a combination of both diet and weight training.

The process of slimming down your arms will depend to some extent on your genetics (if you are carrying a legacy of fat arms, getting your arms toned might take a little longer) as well as the intensity and duration of your workouts. Regular weight training and a healthy diet can tone your arms even if your BMI happens to be slightly on the higher side.

Will building muscle do any good if I don’t also lose fat?

Toning up your arm muscles automatically discourages the development of fat. By strengthening your arm muscles through exercising and weight training, you can see results in the form of significant fat loss from the arms.

However, you can also encourage fat loss by following an overall fitness regime that helps you maintain body weight within the recommended range for your height. Unwanted fat can also be challenged by incorporating lifestyle changes like a healthy diet and plenty of exercise.

Losing arm fat requires a holistic solution that challenges arm fat by building up stronger arm muscle.

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How To Lose Arm Fat – Problem covered vs. problem solved

Definitely, arm fat is a problem that most women must confront after a certain age, but for some this can be a disturbing aspect even starting with puberty. Of course, we would all want to look like supermodel or at least like some of those good-looking actresses from Hollywood. However, a closer look may reveal some unexpected truths about any venerated woman. Madonna injects the fat of her arms (not the best idea, anyway) and if you think of Jennifer Lopez, it seems like her fat arms have been a constant problem. This should be enough with gossiping. Their bad luck does not seem to help me be more proud or at least less disgusted by my own fatty arms. All these skinny girls seem to have no problem with it, whereas I have to wear long sleeves during summer, or at least larger ones. What do I do with my sleeveless dresses? (by the way, it is almost impossible to find summer dresses with sleeves). I simply cannot accept to have all my fat coming over the nicest of my outfits!

Indeed, this little detail might spoil one’s confidence. Here we are to help you…some good advice and a strong desire can solve your problem. If you want to lose this ugly aspect of your body

how to lose arm fat? is the right question to pose

Many would try to cover their arms, but it does no good. tight-sleeves will only cover the color of your skin, while leaving its physical aspect unchanged and trying larger sleeves is no better idea: they will only make it seem even bigger, plus, none of them are a summer solution. Thus there is no such thing as ‘covering a problem’! the only thing to be made is ‘solving it’!

Something one must be aware of is that each person has its own body type. For some, the first effect of getting fat is a rounding of their face and cheek; for others, the first affected area is her waist, and for some are the limbs: arms and hips. They come together for most of the times. You can’t really say one type is better than the others…it is just the way we are shaped and we have to handle it.

It is scientifically acknowledged that upper arm fat is closely connected to your entire body fat. Using calipers to measure your arm fat is one of the simplest ways of measuring your body fat. So, we finally got to the point: the problem resides in your total body fat: this is what you must lose in order to get rid of the other. Now, in what concerns losing body weight, there are some good news: there is not just one way of doing it. Most probably, this is one of the largest discussed topics among women on all forums. Here are some tips. You just have to pick whichever you find the easiest and more accessible to you.

  1. Physical exercise. There are plenty of exercises that will burn out your calories and attack your depository of fats. However, chose the cardio ones in order to work out your entire body (here you might have aerobics, swimming, jogging, and others provided by some special equipment). Moreover, I put this as a first option, because you can combine them with other specific exercises that are specially designed for arms: pushups, weight lifting. You could even thing you weight lift while working in the kitchen: just lift repeatedly every water bottle you’d take in your hands! As simple as that!
  2. Healthy nutrition: we all know that at the basis of gaining weight lays some unhealthy eating habits. Just some short useful rules: do drink   a lot of water (at least 2 l a day)! eat three times a day: consume the carbs early in the morning, eat protein with every meal (milk, meat, eggs, cheese). Try not combine  carbs with proteins; use for the beginning a list of caloric values for the things you consume. In order to lose weight, you must consume less than 1800 kcal/ day.
  3. Some extra helpful secrets: there are certain food that will subtract from your total consume of calories: pickles, cucumbers, tomatoes, onion, cabbage, spices and some drinks such as green tea and black tea. Drink at least two cups of these teas a day and also add these foods to each of your meals!

So to sums it up the question of how to lose arm fat could be answered by losing overall body fat and strengthening your arms.

All that is left is to wish you good luck! Can’t wait to hear about your results!

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How to Lose Arm Fat – 10 Exercise Tips to Burn Arm Fat Easily and Quickly

How to Lose Arm Fat – 10 Exercise Tips to Burn Arm Fat Easily and Quickly

Being overweight or obese apart from being a health concern can cause insecurities and destroy self confidence.
Arm fat is usually a result of being overweight, genetic makeup or lack of tone in the muscle of the arm
and can prevent you from wearing just anything especially sleeveless tops and tank tops.
Arm fat is usually one of the most difficult to lose. Arm fat can be quite unsightly and unattractive.

It can come in form of flabby arms, saggy arms or squishy arms- all of which spoils our arm posture.
Losing weight does not necessarily mean the arm fat will go away with the weight loss.
Sometimes, exercise and diet are needed to flush out the fat and get a toned arm.

Exercises that can be used to get rid of arm fat include the following:

  1. Doing the triceps exercises
  2. The arm stretch exercise
  3. Push ups – these are helpful in losing arm fat and toning the muscle.
    Push up can be achieved by balancing you weight on your palms and toes.
    The insides of the palms are made to lie flat on the floor,
    the toes are the other body parts allowed to make contact with the floor.
    Then, you push yourself up, balancing most of your weight on your palms and go down.
    Do this as much as you can to quickly rid yourself of the excess fat. If you are new to push ups,
    it is advisable to start by balancing with your knees first before doing the harder version with your toes to avoid injury.
  4. Swimming – using different strokes promote great muscles tone as the arms flap back and forth.
    Regular swimming helps burn the calories faster and is good for overall health.
  5. Playing table or lawn tennis – both are good arm exercises as they help in the promotion of firmer muscles with the arm swinging motion needed for playing.
  6. Sprinting and running are great exercises for improving blood flow and aiding muscle tone. They help burn fat fast and are great for staying in shape. You can run or jog a few miles every day first thing in the morning to get you fit for the day
  7. Skipping- this a great form of exercise for total body exercise. Skipping for about 15 – 25 minutes daily will exercise the whole body and improve muscle tone. The swinging of the rope helps burn arm fat and is a great way of keeping the arms toned and firm.
  8. Dancing – this is a great way to burn of excess body fat and give the arms a great work out while having fun at the same time
  9. Arm Swinging – swinging of the arms helps to improve blood circulation to the arms and creates firmer muscles; you can swing your arms in the clockwise and anti clockwise direction. Do this like 20 – 30 times daily
  10. Rock or mountain climbing – this is a great form of exercise. Apart from strengthening the arm muscles, it also exercises the whole body and the excitement is good for the heart as it encourages better blood flow.

Arm fat can also be gotten rid of by drinking lots of water. This is because water is great for metabolism and gets rid of toxins in the system. Women are recommended to drink 2.2 liters of water per day and men are advised to drink 3 liters a day for proper hydration and adequate joint lubrication.

How to lose arm fat with proper diet

Each meal you consume should contain proteins which are good for body building, carbohydrates that are low give you the needed energy for your exercises, vegetables to aid digestion and metabolism and low saturated fats.
Make sure to focus on slow digesting carbohydrates in your diet, reduce saturated fat to the minimum and stay away from liquid calories
Ensure you drink liquids after every work out to replenish lost water from the body and to keep you hydrated.
Rest and sleep well to revitalize and re energize the body. For the perfect arms, a combination of these things will give you the desired results, help you stay healthy, fit and trim.

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How To Lose Arm Fat – The Truth Behind The unsightly fat Arms

How To Lose Arm Fat – The Truth Behind The unsightly fat Arms

Many women lack slim appearance because of their fat arms Lack of muscle tone and deposition of excess fat all over the body result in “fat” arms.

Sometimes it is also owed to genetic reasons. There are many who have a misconception that losing arm fat and getting slender looking arms is absolutely impossible, while the fact is- it is simply possible This article will let you know how to lose arm fat fast.
Since the fat accumulation in the overall body gradually leads to fatty arms, the overall reduction in the body fat will eventually decrease the arm fat.
Reducing arm fat renders health benefits, and enhances one’s appearance and posture, thereby providing an escape from being labeled as “top heavy” There are three different strategies used for body fat reduction which would lead to arm fat reduction.

1. Working out – losing arm fat the right way

Without involving yourself in regular exercising. you can’t lose body fat, and thereby arm fat.
Any amount of dieting will be of no help without proper exercising. Working out the arm muscles is needed to get them into shape. You need to go for resistance training. cardiovascular work outs, and other physical activities.

Resistance training burns up more calories than the cardiovascular routines, so you need to have resistance training workouts for at least one day per week.
If you want to know how to lose arm fat fast. the answer is combining resistance training with cardiovascular exercises. Other than scheduled exercises. you also need to be physically active all through the day.
Arm exercises are also a good option but they are to build your muscles and tone them up, not to reduce arm fat.
So, fat from all over your body has to be burned off by using up the calories consumed, through exercising and involving in other physical activities.

2.Dieting as the answer for the how to lose arm fat problem

People wishing to lose their arm fat by losing the overall body fat, need to combine regular exercising with proper dieting. With the mention of the word “dieting”, you need not go for those diets like the high protein diet the detox diet, the liquid protein diet, the caffeine pill jitter diet, the grape fruit diet the raw food diet, the cabbage diet and so on.
Here is an idea on how to lose arm fat by dieting, the attention should be given to creating a caloric deficit.
This can be done by including a protein food, a carbohydrate containing food, a fatty food, and a vegetable in every meal that you consume.
Never starve yourself in the name dieting, this will not help you lose weight, instead you will be only putting on
more weigh, since you tend to eat more when you are starved, moreover, upon starving yourself, your cravings for
unhealthy fatty snacks increase, and your metabolic rate tends to decrease, both the factors contributing to weight gain.
Another thing that you need to know is, while dieting you should not completely cut off fatty foods.
For example, eliminating fats entirely from your diet hinders proper metabolism and makes you more hungry.
This also results in your body storing up more fat for later use, thereby ending up in causing difficulty to lose weight.
So, you need to include healthy foods in their appropriate amounts in your diet.

3. Developing a positive attitude – a critical step in fighting arm fat

If you are wondering why developing a positive factor is mentioned while talking about how to lose arm fat fast, remind yourself of this “you are what you think you are”.
So, let your thinking about weight loss be positive, develop an attitude that your weight loss efforts will definitely pay back well by getting you your dream slender arms, keeping in touch with positive people will help you develop a positive attitude.
Often saying it out of your mouth works a positive attitude in you, so keep on saying things like “I will lose my body weight and hence the arm fat to or “I will soon get slender arms by losing my body weigh” Try it, the technique definitely works.

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