Causes of Arm Fat and Tips to Get Toned Arms

If you’ve been agonizing over your fat arms and wondering how to lose all that fat that appears to jiggle underneath, you might want to understand how they got fat in the first place. By paying attention to the possible causes of arm fat, you have better chances of working your way towards slim, toned arms.

  1. Family genes: This is a powerful contributor to fat arms. But though family genetics may delay the toning process slightly more than usual, individuals with fat arm DNA can tone their arms over a period of time with exercise and weight training. This helps to discourage the development of fat deposits.
  2. Aging: This is another factor that is not under control. As age advances, muscles tend to lose their tone and the arms begin to appear flabby. Exercise and diet can bring this under control to some extent. But older individuals wishing to see noticeably toned arms might want to opt for cosmetic surgery instead.
  3. Excess body weight: An overweight body distributes fat all over and the underarms are no exception. If your calorie is above recommended levels, you are more likely to suffer from arm fat.
  4. Muscle loss: Muscles lose their tone owing to several causes such as age, injury or lack of sufficient exercise. Lack of muscle tone (also called muscle atrophy) is a major cause of arm fat.
  5. Low testosterone levels: Testosterone is a hormone that is present in both men as well as women. Women who have less testosterone in their bodies are more prone to have fat arms. Lower testosterone is caused due to inadequate protein intake as well as stress factors.

Tips to challenge arm fat

  1. Take care to consume recommended calorie intake amounts. Overall fitness levels helps lose arm fat more easily.
  2. Research suggests that arms are made of water and muscle. In fact, as much as seventy-five percent of arms are made of water. Drink more water to help reduce arm fat.
  3. Work those flabby arms with the help of exercises that are aimed at toning up your arm muscle.

Here are two helpful arm exercises that you can try:

    1. Use a pair of exercise dumb-bells (say about 3 pounds each). Hold one in each hand and hold your hands up to your shoulder level on both sides. Slowly lower your arms to your sides. Repeat.
    2. Rest your foot on a stool or chair. Bend forward with one dumb-bell in each hand. Now slowly swing your arms backward and down and work upto the repetitions that you are comfortable with.

Cosmetic surgery for fat arms is also referred to as Brachioplasty. This process involves the toning of fat arms by eliminating excess skin as well as fat from the underarms to the elbow.

Arm fat reduction will result in a pair of toned and slim arms. Moreover, you will experience a new found sense of self-confidence and enjoy the benefits of a fitter body.

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