How to Lose Arm Fat – 10 Exercise Tips to Burn Arm Fat Easily and Quickly

How to Lose Arm Fat – 10 Exercise Tips to Burn Arm Fat Easily and Quickly

Being overweight or obese apart from being a health concern can cause insecurities and destroy self confidence.
Arm fat is usually a result of being overweight, genetic makeup or lack of tone in the muscle of the arm
and can prevent you from wearing just anything especially sleeveless tops and tank tops.
Arm fat is usually one of the most difficult to lose. Arm fat can be quite unsightly and unattractive.

It can come in form of flabby arms, saggy arms or squishy arms- all of which spoils our arm posture.
Losing weight does not necessarily mean the arm fat will go away with the weight loss.
Sometimes, exercise and diet are needed to flush out the fat and get a toned arm.

Exercises that can be used to get rid of arm fat include the following:

  1. Doing the triceps exercises
  2. The arm stretch exercise
  3. Push ups – these are helpful in losing arm fat and toning the muscle.
    Push up can be achieved by balancing you weight on your palms and toes.
    The insides of the palms are made to lie flat on the floor,
    the toes are the other body parts allowed to make contact with the floor.
    Then, you push yourself up, balancing most of your weight on your palms and go down.
    Do this as much as you can to quickly rid yourself of the excess fat. If you are new to push ups,
    it is advisable to start by balancing with your knees first before doing the harder version with your toes to avoid injury.
  4. Swimming – using different strokes promote great muscles tone as the arms flap back and forth.
    Regular swimming helps burn the calories faster and is good for overall health.
  5. Playing table or lawn tennis – both are good arm exercises as they help in the promotion of firmer muscles with the arm swinging motion needed for playing.
  6. Sprinting and running are great exercises for improving blood flow and aiding muscle tone. They help burn fat fast and are great for staying in shape. You can run or jog a few miles every day first thing in the morning to get you fit for the day
  7. Skipping- this a great form of exercise for total body exercise. Skipping for about 15 – 25 minutes daily will exercise the whole body and improve muscle tone. The swinging of the rope helps burn arm fat and is a great way of keeping the arms toned and firm.
  8. Dancing – this is a great way to burn of excess body fat and give the arms a great work out while having fun at the same time
  9. Arm Swinging – swinging of the arms helps to improve blood circulation to the arms and creates firmer muscles; you can swing your arms in the clockwise and anti clockwise direction. Do this like 20 – 30 times daily
  10. Rock or mountain climbing – this is a great form of exercise. Apart from strengthening the arm muscles, it also exercises the whole body and the excitement is good for the heart as it encourages better blood flow.

Arm fat can also be gotten rid of by drinking lots of water. This is because water is great for metabolism and gets rid of toxins in the system. Women are recommended to drink 2.2 liters of water per day and men are advised to drink 3 liters a day for proper hydration and adequate joint lubrication.

How to lose arm fat with proper diet

Each meal you consume should contain proteins which are good for body building, carbohydrates that are low give you the needed energy for your exercises, vegetables to aid digestion and metabolism and low saturated fats.
Make sure to focus on slow digesting carbohydrates in your diet, reduce saturated fat to the minimum and stay away from liquid calories
Ensure you drink liquids after every work out to replenish lost water from the body and to keep you hydrated.
Rest and sleep well to revitalize and re energize the body. For the perfect arms, a combination of these things will give you the desired results, help you stay healthy, fit and trim.

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